dear human.

We're so glad that you're here.

This online portal is a small indicator of a much larger evolution taking place 

on your planet. You are wanting to experience true connection through your technological systems.

Dear human, it is coming to you. It is already in motion.

-- The Ancestral Guides

In the Transmission Portal you will find every transmission video brought through for you since the start of this collaboration. Hear from the Pleiadian Ancestral Guides, Angelic Light, Earth Consciousness, and more. Brought to you through dance, sound, and verbal language.

Dive in deep with your own Ancestral Guides in a One-on-One Channeling session with Angela. This is an excellent way to find clarity in multiple aspects of your Earthly experience, as well as deepening your understanding of your other-dimensional forms and abilites.

We are with you.