About Angela

Angela has been translating the voice of spirit since childhood, usually through dance and movement. By attuning her physical body with flowing tides of living energy, Angela is able to access frequencies that allow for interdimensional communication. She is surrounded at all times by a massive collective of conscious entities referring to themselves as our Ancestors, or “Ancestral Guides.”  Through working with mediums like Angela, these powerful beings are able to communicate in a way that renders their etheric intelligence into a language of our human world.


After agreeing to collaborate with the Ancestors on a specific mission, Angela now travels the globe transmitting their messages and helping to bridge communications between these interwoven worlds. She also works to bring light into our internet by hosting an online community of humans that find resonance with the ancient wisdom of the Ancestral Guides.

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the Ancestral guides

The Ancestral Guides are comprised of both corporeal and non-corporeal light beings, some existing in foreign star systems, others radiating from the light of Earth's own Sun. Their ancient presence predates humanity and Earth itself. They are here to guide us and to learn from our experiences as we move through this tremendous shift in global consciousness.