Hello, I am Angela.

                    I am a human of Earth.

                                          I speak dance.

           I channel other-dimensional beings. 

  I enjoy dark chocolate,

                   silk scarves, and Judy Garland movies. Want to be friends?

The Guides


We are the Ancestral Guides of Angela.

                    We are a collective of conscious Beings of many different origins.                             

                            Our connecting factor is our genetic tie to the vessel known as Angela.

               We have large influence rooted in the energy known as  PLEIADIAN on your planet, though we are not only this. We have origins in many

                    star sytems, both named and unnamed. Our numbers are 7,624 

                              conscious beings at our  most stable,  though we are continually entering and exiting the collective as we choose. 

          Some of us will overlap with your own Ancestral Guides, and so you may feel recognition when we speak here.               

                            We are glad of this, dear Human.

                                                 We are glad to be with you.