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Angela has been communing with the Ancestral Guides since she was a child. As a young dancer, she experienced her first conscious contact with Them during a dance class. This was an overwhelming revelation that remained blissfully abstract for quite some time. She would return to this trancelike state as often as possible, always through movement of the body, always arriving in a space of connectivity and comfort.

This feeling was like no other. Angela became enthralled by the relationship she had with what she believed to be her own secret world. In this state of being, light behaved differently. She saw and experienced the world in ways that eluded her during her “normal” waking state. There was also an unmistakeable feeling that she was not alone there. There were Others in this space that laughed and played and created with her. This fascination carried Angela through her teenage years, and into an early career as a professional dancer. Understanding that sound and tone were integral to her experience, she returned to formal schooling to study sound waves and their behaviors. In 2010, Angela began working as a sound engineer for film and television. She was captivated by the creation of new sounds, and found great alignment in designing soundtracks for dancers and choreographers. 

In 2016, Angela was leading a group of dancers through an outdoor meditation and stretch class in a small town at the base of Mount Shasta. During this class, she began to experience high-vibrational sensations, and the general feeling that the top of her head had dissolved and opened up to the sky. Her words began to flow differently as she guided the class. The pitch of her voice changed and became deeper, more direct. What was meant to be an hour and a half movement class turned into a four hour spiritual healing. The dancers were changed. Angela was changed. She honored the moment, and made note to practice that vibration with intention from that moment forward.

Just a few months after the class in Mount Shasta, Angela sat down and casually selected something to watch on television. This “something” turned out to be a documentary called Tuning In, directed by David Thomas. This was her first exposure in this incarnation to humans that channel verbally. 

The reaction was immediate. Angela’s entire body attuned with the sounds and sights emanating from the television. This was followed by a fit of retching and uncontrolled sobbing. It was in this space of deepest remembrance that Angela realized... the Beings she communed with while she danced were not merely an extension of her own imagination. They were not a part of a world that was all her own. They are living Beings that speak and express and make choices, and that are in deep collaboration with us at all times. She heard The Guides with more resonance and clarity than ever before.

Since this awakening Angela has grown in her connection, shifting the nature of her channeling from physical movement to written and spoken language. In November

of 2019, Angela's Guides began to come through with a drastic increase in energy. ​They asked if she would agree to continue this work and build a community that would unite on the internet. She was hesitant in the beginning, as the internet had never been a comfortable space for her. End the end, the intuition to proceed with the project was too strong to ignore.

In March of 2020, it became very clear why the Guides had asked Angela to begin an online community. With the presence of a global pandemic, the internet had become the only place available for large numbers of Lightworkers to gather. The tools had been readied for the Ancestral Guides to bring information to those that were calling for it, exactly when they needed to receive it.

And so here we are.

The flowering of this collective will express itself in direct reflection of the choices of its members. The rest of this narrative will be determined by You.

Light. Recognition. Progress!


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