Private Session

A private session is the best way to dive in deep with any obstacles or blockages you might be facing at the present time. The Ancestral Guides are here to engage with you and to offer an elevated perspective. Oftentimes in our realities we can become trapped by our own structures, unable to decipher our chosen pathways through the vibrational chaos. Speaking directly with higher-dimensionals can spark revelation and induce clarity in finding the way forward. 

During your private session, Angela will use any tool at her disposal to read your vibrational state. This may include cards, crystals, body movements and/or sonic tuning. She will call upon the Ancestral Guides to engage with you directly and be present for your inquiries. The Guides of Angela will often receive information from your own guides to help fulfill the questions asked. Your guides are always with you, but you'll be surprised at how energetic they become when presented with an opportunity to speak with you directly. 

Align your intentions, have a notebook ready, and prepare for an intimate gathering with our friends beyond the Veil!

  • Distant sessions are conducted through the Zoom virtual meeting application in audio format. We will send you an mp3 recording of your session within three days, assuming no technological error.

  • Payment is required at the time of booking.

  • Booking times are presented in Eastern Standard Time. (EST)

  • You may cancel or reschedule with 48 hours notice.

  • We reserve the right to reschedule and refund with 48 hours notice.